Destiny For PC

The time has finally come, since Bungie are refusing to release it, we have have to take things into our own hands and created a version of Destiny for PC

destiny pc

How To Download Destiny On PC

To download Destiny for window pc, simply click the download button below to download the installer

destiny for pc

About Destiny

Ten years is the time that Bungie and Activision think they can live on our consoles this saga. Personally, I’m seventeen years of experience in this environment and only World of Warcraft has managed to achieve this feat. And yet, it starts a little too much hassle … So let’s be clear: in the state, Destiny on pc does not have the stuff, though, you’ll see, there is undeniably a good basis for a large futuristic FPS public, topped with notions MMO, RPG and cooperation.

It had to be a revolution, it is ultimately a mixture a little strange. You will understand very quickly, found in Destiny of Halo , the Killzone and even Battlefield in gameplay, the WipEout for trips speeder, the World of Warcraft for dungeons to remake ever, the Borderlands for the pseudo open world of Mass Effect and Star Wars for the look and finally the Diablo for the race to loot these amenities that make you rise in power and who are supposed to take you on permanently play. Suffice to say that with as many inspirations, Destiny PC could miss character … Fortunately it is quite the opposite!

You saw for yourselves on the trailers and other videos Destiny for pc is a visual slap at any point. The same lesson. Rarely a title will have benefited from art direction and also licked worked. Between Mass Effect and Halo , the visual, with its rich gaming and subtle colors will dazzle the sight. You can be sure, you often stop to admire the scenery. And it’s good that we talk about it, because if Destiny is very (very) good, it only offers three planet to explore (Earth, Mars and Venus), Moon raking and also another area which we do not speak for no spoiler … It is extremely light. Especially since these planets come down to areas (small on a map, but consistently at stake size) ultimately more compartmentalized than open. We try to fool us? Where is this huge open world, consistent with its solar system entirely to explore? I arrest you immediately: it is not (yet?) There: three planets and a star that’s all for now. But at least your eyes will cry with happiness!

Nevermind a story that proves without real substance, that never takes off and ends water coil around level 18, to focus on what is done in Destiny . Get out your weapons ready? Shoot! So, this is how we can summarize. So rest assured, the gameplay ultra enjoyable, comfortable and very tolerant of Bungie did fly for really fun fights. On the merits, however, it quickly stuck since the enemies are recurring, mechanical (bosses and opponents) always the same (concentrated shots in the head, legs or stomach) and especially the alien waves bellicose keep coming back, especially during boss fights, making the painful experience over time. And to top it all, some monsters are real bags stuffed full of health that never ends, to the point where several clashes, supposedly epic during the campaign, tired … Indeed, several battles last up to 20 minutes to bring down a single boss! 20 minutes during which we will avoid the special attacks of the beast, resurrect his cronies fallen, and during which we will try to blows retry , manage waves of mobs who arrive by the dozens. In the midst of this war, it will bring down the boss’s health bar, without necessarily up strategy apart concentrate the shootings of three players in the same place and separate to avoid all die stupidly in a sudden rocket. I must acknowledge, I like the gameplay of Destiny , but some fighting, including at high level, have tired, if not tired.

Personally I think that the RPG is a very demanding kind, so that mixing it with another is necessarily a risky business. In Destiny , this is a small layer, for something different on the three proposed classes. The Titan will be the man melee or defender, Hunter stealth attacker or remote shooter, and Arcanist play on the elements to do more damage. If we recover two skill trees (some optional) per class and a certain synergy between the authorities chosen, the selected weapon (they are all usable, regardless of your class), its equipment and powers of the players, note that this is not going away. We protect each other, you hit the enemy in the right place, the right grenade is used at the right time and that’s it. So if managing enemies crashing waves is an art to a certain level, do not expect to play the subtlest FPS either world, you are there to let off steam.

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